10GB of Server Space -More than enough for a large website.
20GB of Monthly Data -That is a truck load of traffic!
10 Free Email Addresses -*Email Addresses ending in your domain.
Custom Website Design -We work with you, to get the results you want!
CMS Training -Control your website.
Search Engine Optimization -Helps Google find your site.
Unlimited Support -Support via Email or Phone.
 Cost:$700 + $105GST
 Incl GST:$805.00
 **Yearly Fee:$120 + $18GST
 Incl GST:$138
 ***Ongoing Costs:First 3 Hours Free, Additional $20 p/h after.

Costs may veary depending on what you are after, so flick us an email explaining what you are after and we will be able to give you a more accurite price.

* Example of what we mean, if your website address is "purekiwiproductions.com" then your email will be: (Chosen.email.name)@purekiwiproductions.com
**Yearly fee is to pay for your domain name and to help maintaine server costs.  This is under half the price to what most other companies charge.
***Ongoing costs cover additional work wanting to be done to the website.  If something needs fixing due to our mistake, then it will be free of charge.