Short Story

In short, Pure Kiwi Productions is run by Michael Hall and is aimed at producing websites at low costs with low yearly fees. We cut costs by charging what we need to keep running. Most companies charge more than what I do, for minimum website which you choose a template from, all of my website deals at the moment, consist of a custom designed website for your business.  We will design and develop your website, be it for your Business, Hobby or even just for blogging.  We cover it all.

Now all you have to do is check out our pricing and if you want a custom quote, which may make it cost more or less, send us an email with your ideas and we should respond within 1-3 working days.

Want to know more?  Read on.

Long Story

Pure Kiwi Productions is aimed at producing low cost Websites to help cut costs for moving your business to the web, or even upgrading a current site.

Why low costs?
I have always been one to help people out and with my knowledge of coding several different languages and some history in Graphics Design, I can combined my skills with your vision for a website without having to sell some limbs.  The prices are low, but the outcome is worth allot more than the offer at hand.

You didn't answer the question!
Let me put this straight, big companies need to charge big bucks to keep them running and to gain profit at the same time.  Me, well I am not the same; I charge what I need to charge to keep running and to pay bills.  Sure, as I gain more skills, I will change the price of my websites to suit my knowledge, but still at low cut costs compared to the big web companies.

How do I know you have decent skills to make my website?
There are some people who go through courses to become qualified, sure, these people get a fancy certificate to show off, but, if that person goes in without knowledge original, then chances are, they are not that great after all.  I have always been a 'Geek' or a 'Computer Nerd' and am usually the go-to-guy when Friends and Family have an issue; it’s been this way since I was around the age of 14.  During this age, I spent most of my free time reading code learning how it works, then eventually moving into writing my own code.  By the age of 16, I had learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.  "Whoa, what a geek!" Your thinking.  You couldn’t be any less wrong, but I seem to pick up allot of skills very quickly, so learning code was simple.

Where are you going with this?
Well, growing up coding, I was off and on, finding different passions and leaving coding behind.  I eventually found myself in a 3D Animation and Multimedia Productions paper at a University, where all I could think about doing, was being the coder of the final paper of all 3 years, Creating a Game.  We also had to make websites for some exams and that is where I remembered the passion for it as I got carried away and pimped my site out.  If I counted all of the years I have been coding websites for, it would add up to around the mark of 5 years.  So, 5 years of built up-self-taught-development for the web, I think I can handle a project or two..  Maybe even more!

So whats with the name?
Pure Kiwi Productions?  This is an easy story, during my 3D Animation and Multimedia classes, we had the option of creating our own "Signature" if you will, that will show at the end of each movie or animation.  I had no clue what so ever and started playing on my name with different logo designs.  No go, I didn’t like a single idea I came up with.  Out next project came, it was an art project...  Yeah, I have never been too good with the drawing, but they forced it on us!.. Anyway, I finished all of the required artworks apart from one, a Maori Design.  "Crap, what am I going to do for this?" I asked myself.  After allot of thinking, I came to the conclusion I wanted to do something different to the rest of the class, so, I picked a kiwi as the base design and drew the outline.  After I had finished the faint outline, I started filling in the gaps with my past and path being the main designs to tell a story of my life, if you will.  After I had finished that, I looked at the drawing, and decided "Kiwi Productions!"  I then thought a bit more of what I wanted for what I do and came to the conclusion I wanted it to be 100% Kiwi owned, run and developed, so, Pure Kiwi Productions was born!

What is all this "I" stuff?
Well, My name is Michael Hall and I am Pure Kiwi Productions.  I am currently free-lancing towards my ultimate goal of starting my own company up, based on the values of, well, value.  Prices may rise every now and then, or I may even have a special on, but this would be because the billed have been higher or lower.  All my prices are based on Bills not profit!  So help me by helping you get to the web for cheaper than where else.